Self Criticism

It’s the first week of the month so I have to work, so I didn’t get home last night until after nine. I should have just had my dinner and gone to bed, but that makes me feel like I really have no life, so I sat up and watched TV. Ireland had just beaten England off the pitch at cricket and Celtic and Rangers had just beaten each other both on and off the pitch in a sport that vaguely resembled soccer, so there was plenty to keep me entertained on Sky Sports News (the Irish cricket team, by the way, all took part in the Shave or Dye before the game, though none of them went for bright blue). I ended up going to bed at midnight, even though I’ve to get up at 6.25 each morning.

So I was really tired when I got on the bus this morning but took out my little netbook anyway because bus journeys are now when I do my writing. I had a vague plan to write about the EU’s daft ruling about car insurance, but as I started I found that I couldn’t think of anything interesting to say. Still I kept going almost robotically (after all, I am almost a robot), but wasn’t really enjoying it much.

Then at one stage I had to type the phrase “to do business”. I typed it, moved on a couple of words and then looked back.

Instead of “to do business” I had typed “tediousness”, all as one word, spelled correctly.

I didn’t finish the post. When your own subconscious tells you that you’re being boring, it’s time to stop.


6 thoughts on “Self Criticism

  1. Patti

    Hmm. One more bit of evidence in support of my long-held belief that writing comes from somewhere inside our heads that we don’t have complete control over.

  2. Jo

    ahah, tediousness. That’s excellent. I stayed up til three last night, and now it’s after 11.30. I was meant to get a nap this morning an then workwork til 2, but the fates conspires against me. I need a time turner.

    Sooo much work to do tomorrow.

  3. Grannymar

    Right I have a suggestion. You wrote about what it was like living with that box inside you. Take the day off and get the box to write about what it is like living inside and with you! What do you think?

  4. Tinman Post author

    What I love about you lot is that you are all far deeper than I am, but come here anyway. I do agree that a lot of what we’re writing comes from somewhere deep inside, sometimes I’ll think of a joke to put into a post that will only work because my mind took the post off in a direction it wasn’t originally going in about fifteen minutes earlier, which makes me believe my mind is thinking up stuff quicker than I am (which is often tedious, Tilly, trust me).
    Grannymar, your idea is one of those ones that will hang around in my head for ages, but thanks, I will have a go at it sometime.
    LK, I’m not stopping writing, I’m just stopping that post.
    And Jo, I know how you feel when you’ve that much to do, time travel is the only answer.


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