Weekend Break

Today is a day in which I appreciate the postaday2011 programme, in which I have made a vow to try and post something every day.

I watched the General Election voting results this morning, then has to watch Wigan v Manchester United in soccer, then had to watch England v France in rugby (people who don’t follow sport won’t understand the “had to”s in this sentence, but believe me. I had to) and now I’m watching continuing coverage of the election, which will go on well into the night.

On such a day in times gone by I’d have taken a day off from blogging, but I’ve committed myself to a post a day, so here I am, even if I’m not saying a lot.

All I can say to you is that I’ve a post written which can only be posted on Monday, since that is the only day on which it will make sense, and that on Monday afternoon, in the real world, I’ll be doing something so stupid that I should sell tickets for Tuesday’s post.

So there you go, lots to look forward to in the coming week.

Now my only problem is to fill tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Weekend Break

  1. jamieonline

    Take a deep breathe for tomorrow. I’m sure after the day that you’ve had you’ll need a dark room and a lie down.

    There’s always something good to blog about just around the corner.

  2. jmg

    gee glad you didnt post results of wigan, “my team” sort of we like to watch the highlights, as Sir Humphrey always said the enemy, no not germany always france. sounds like a great day hope you got a of a snooze also, perfect.

  3. Tinman Post author

    Hi Jamie and welcome. Hopefully you’re right and something will show up.

    I’d love to do an incisive political post, but since we still don’t have even one seat filled in our constituency (and I’ve just heard they’re starting a full recount in the morning) it’s hard to think of anything.

    Glad I didn’t say anything about the score of the game, jmg, must remember that for the future.You may well be Wigan’s only Oz fan. I saw a report recently about their goalkeeper Ali AlHabsi, he’s the first Omani ever to play in the Premier League and apparently there’s a huge Wigan following in Oman as a result.

  4. Tinman Post author

    I know, sorry, jmg, if you watched the whole game believe me that shouldn’t have been the score, they were much better than that.


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