The Child Within You

Jo wrote a lovely post a couple of weeks ago in which she quoted Polly Devlin speaking about your inner child.

I have one too, though I must admit that far too often I keep him in his room, playing quietly away with his crayons, his imagination and the wonderful innocent belief that all children have that every day will be great. As we get older too many of us suppress this belief, and fill the void left with self-doubt, pessimism and endless stress.

Jo says that you should speak to this inner child. Sometimes you don’t have to, he rushes out and yells merrily at you.

Today was a tough, busy day at the end of a tough, busy week at work and I have to admit that I was letting it get to me and was in a thoroughly bad mood. Then I had to find the phrase “Arts Council” in a very, very long spreadsheet. I went to a blank cell, duly typed Control+ F, and then “arts”. Except, of course, that I have all the typing ability of a man wearing boxing gloves, standing on a hammock, so I typed Shift+F and “arts” instead.

Which meant that the cell now contained the word “Farts”.

Grown-up, grumpy me might have smiled to myself for about half a second and started again, but little child me, Tinboy, dropped his crayons, raced out of his room and shouted “honest, Tinman, this is dead funny, giggle like a looner”.

So I did. And I felt better.

Sometimes he’s more sensible than I am.

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