A Big Thank You

People who don’t blog think that it’s a solitary and therefore slightly sad activity. They equate it with trainspotting, or sitting in the corner of the pub behind a newspaper, or watching the box set of Lost.

We bloggers know that there’s nothing solitary at all about it. It’s like running a coffee shop. The making of the coffee may be a solitary activity, but once it’s out there other people will try it. Regulars will notice differences in flavour – some days it’s a bit bitter, some days it’s far too sugary, some days they’ll think “that was very weak”. On really bad days they’ll splutter and think “what the hell is this crap, it’s like dog’s pee“. Many of them will comment, usually favourably, or they wouldn’t have become regulars. Others will simply follow you, day after day.

We like this. Bloggers are among the few people on earth who welcome stalkers.

Anyway, unless someone who’s never heard of me hit the wrong button by accident, one of you has nominated me in this year’s Irish Blog Awards. And I just want to say a big, genuine thank you.

I’ve been nominated in the Best Personal Blog category. I’m honestly not showing false modesty when I say that I’ve no chance of winning, or indeed of making the Shortlist of Finalists. It’s the biggest category, it has all the best writers and all the best, most open and honest writing.

Sheer class, that is

It also puts me in the same category as some of my readers, and therefore my friends. So Grannymar, Jo, Grandad, congratulations to all of you as well.

I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t get nominated in the Technology category, especially after the skilful way I hid my face in the photo in the recent post about my days as a blonde (feck it, let’s see it again, it’s genius). People who’ve mocked up photos of UFOs, Bigfoot  and the Loch Ness Monster all envy my photoshopping skills.

I'd do better than this

With me not in the category the Award will probably go to some nerd writing about cloud technology (I think that’s just the geek word for ‘umbrella’). I’d write angrily to the IBA committee via their RSS Feed, if only I’d the faintest idea what that was.

Anyway,  it’s nice to know that once you’ve finished a post, fiddled just a tiny bit more with it, then finally hit the ‘publish’ button, that people take the trouble to read it. And it’s nice to know that people enjoy it. Believe me, that gives me far more pleasure than anything I write may give to all of you.

So thank you once again.


10 thoughts on “A Big Thank You

  1. Grandad

    Goo on outa that! Yiz are a lot better at the writin’ than a lot I could mention.

    How did yiz know I visit? Is it the muddy footprints on the carpet? Sorry about that…..

  2. Rose

    From a blogger wannabe; my spell check kicked in and insisted I meant wasabi. I mean I want to be a blogger but I don’t possess the creativity or vocabulary (exempli gratia; wannabe), or drive, it takes to sit down and create a blog. I can say that I love your blog because you are entertaining and inspiring but most of all you have been honest and open about everything. You’re already a winner!
    Thank You

  3. speccy

    Does that mean you get to come to Belfast for the awards and do mingling? I’d go just to find someone who looked like that pic above! (not Nessy, obviously, but I suppose I could be wrong…)

  4. Tinman Post author

    I am going to Belfast, speccy, I go to the awards every year, it’s always great fun.
    If you can pick me out from the picture above (well, either of them) I’ll buy you a pint.

    Of course, I can see one half of your face beside your comments, so I’ve got almost a head start.


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