Righteous Dude

In the same week that I mentioned that there are no real sins anymore, the BBC reports that the iPhone now has an app that can help you with your confession.

Developer Patrick Leinen said he was inspired by a papal message in January in which the pope asked “that young people may learn to use modern means of social communication for their personal growth and to better prepare themselves to serve society.” Indeed, the app was given an imprimatur (that’s a good thing) by the Bishop of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Thanks, BBC website

The attached photo shows how they help you decide whether you’ve broken the First Commandment or not. I have to say it strikes me as a bit heavy, and if you’re to contemplate each commandment as thoroughly as this one then the priest will have gone home by the time you’re ready.

Essentially the app should be as simple as possible, as a young person with an iPhone has plenty of things he would rather be doing than deciding whether the fact that he’s seen Last House on the Left means that he’s been involved in superstitious practices. He’d sooner get back to texting his mates or watching YouTube videos, especially since he’s now allowed to use his iPhone in church (no mum, I’m preparing for confession).

So here is my app,which will sticks to just one question per commandment (and yes, I did have to look all ten up, could only remember eight).

I’m calling it the Tin Commandments app.


3 thoughts on “Righteous Dude

  1. Rose

    Gosh, sounds a wee bit sacrilegious. I really thought the confession app was a joke. I checked into it thinking it would some how save me from my confession phobia. They lost me when I found out you have to create a user name and password. Not that I’m the worst sinner on the planet but I really don’t want someone to hack my list of sins and some how use them against me. It was interesting to see what it was all about though. I went to Father Z’s blog and read all about it. My elderly catholic mother thinks the internet is the antichrist but I keep telling her even the pope has a website. Just wait until I tell her that I went to confession via my phone. Of course I will be lying and breaking commandment #’s 5 & 9?

  2. Grannymar

    Times have changed from the dark old days of the Dominicans Dominic Street… where I wet my pants every time I went into the confession box. Some day I will write about.

  3. Jo

    Meheh, Tin Commandments. Cute 🙂

    Being free of all that dogma, I’ve never been through the ritual, but I’ve always felt hugely moved by the many stories of pants wetting or the like, lining up trying to think of little 8 year old-appropriate sins.

    What a religion, that wants its children to believe they’re sinners – especially when many of its priests were the ones destroying their innocence.


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