Lonely Writer’s Garret

Tilly Bud said this recently:

My Blog Director has advised me to stop saying ‘This is from a WordPress prompt’.  As my Blog Director is also my eldest son, I have to obey him because I want him to visit me from time to time.  I’m weak, I know; but I like him.

She goes on to say that all posts based on WordPress prompts will come with a tag called “WordPress prompts”.

This is an excellent idea and one I intend to follow, because I do feel a bit embarrassed when I start posts with “WordPress recently asked…”, but that’s not the reason why I mention it.

Her eldest son reads her blog.

I could graffiti my posts onto our garden wall and my children would ignore them as they mooched past on the way down to the town to “hang”. I could write them on post-its and stick it to their PlayStation screens and they would play around them. I could tattoo the posts onto their bodies as they slept and they would simply wear less revealing clothes (note to self: try this with 14-year old Tingirl).

I could use black magic to write the posts in letters of fire in the sky. I could get the crowd at today’s Ireland v Italy rugby match to hold cards that spelt out a post as they held them up. I could hire a little plane and have a post printed on a banner trailing behind it.

I’d love them to read it from time to time – I’d even let them give critical advice, as Tilly does.

On the other hand, I never ask to read their homework, so I suppose we’re even.


7 thoughts on “Lonely Writer’s Garret

  1. Tilly Bud

    Oo! A mention. Thanks 🙂

    Count your blessings – I already have a husband telling me what to do all the time; now his son is in training for when Pop pops his clogs. Much better to be ignored.

  2. Jo

    I tell you what! I’ll give you some snarky-know-it-all-child-advice in their stead:

    Don’t keep saying how bad/unfunny/unread your blog is. It’s a poor advertising technique. Plus, we readers like it, so your self deprecation is unwittingly (at least I presume so!) insulting us.

    Does my logic convince you?

  3. Tinman Post author

    Er,ok, Jo.

    I read this about five seconds after I posted the Elton John post, so ignore the bit in brackets near the end.


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