Word Play

For the first time since I committed myself to this Post-a-Day thing I find myself really stuck. The helpful daily hints are proving less than helpful at the moment (“What would you most like to be remembered for?” “Being the first person to live to the age of 342”. “Describe a perfect Sunday?” “One that has a Bank Holiday Monday directly after it.”).

Then I remembered a Sherlock Holmes story in which they are given a message by directing them to certain words on certain pages in a book. Holmes originally chose the wrong edition of the book, which he realised when the third word was “pig’s-bristles“(the story is The Valley of Fear, I’ve just had the fun of typing “Holmes pig bristles” into Google).

I decided I would try a variant of this, using a book and the dates of birth of the Tinfamily, and would write a post based on the five words I found.

I did it using the day & month for the first, third and fifth members of the family, and the year in the other two cases. So I would take the 13th word on the 12th page for me, then using the year for Mrs Tin I took the 19th word on page…er, well, as a better example I took the 19th word on page 95 for Tinson2.

I went to the bookshelves at the side of the room, picked a book at random (“Watermelon” by Marian Keyes), and duly listed the five words.

They were “of”, “putty”, “want”, “did” and “if”.

Most people would have realised that the system was flawed, but I decided that it was the book that was. I took the next book on the shelf, “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” and had another go.


“I”, “to”, “side”, “was”, “the”.

I’m not sure that “pig’s-bristles” would have been a whole lot better, but it would have had more possibilities.

I could of course just give up, but I made a promise to you all to do a post each day, so I am like putty in your hands.

And the use of the word “putty” there should give you a hint. All ten words are in here, if you want to look for them. It’d be like a verbal version of “Where’s Wally”.

Let’s face it, that’s the most entertainment you’re going to get out of this post.

3 thoughts on “Word Play

  1. Tinman Post author

    I think you’re just laughing hysterically at how tired you are.

    Great to here from you again, hope it’s all going well, you still haven’t said if it’s a boy or a girl.

  2. Kick Out The Jams

    I can’t believe you have bookshelves. My books are stacked carefully on the floor just in the sight-line of Mrs KOTJ, I tell her its just to make it easier for her to think up something to have a row about…


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