Whistle While You Work

Today’s suggestion from the Daily Post is Describe a recent Aha! moment.

The temptation to simply say “I have the song ‘Take On Me’ by Aha on my iPod, in fact alphabetical order means it’s the second song on it ¹, I was listening to it just this morning, there you go, another post done, bring on tomorrow’s topic” is enormous, especially since it’s Sunday evening and I could go back to sprawling on the couch and watching junk on TV, is enormous.

But that would just be cheating. I might as well write

I said I’d write a post everyday.
Here is today’s.
See you tomorrow.

and by about day 150 that may well happen, but this is just January 9th, so it’s too early to resort to that sort of desperation.

Many “Aha!” moments take place every day in the Tinhouse, but they generally relate to finding the car keys, and to fully describe one of those moments would involve describing the five minutes of squabbling that precedes them (“Did you look on the hall table?” “Yes, of course.” “Where did you have them last?” “If I knew that they wouldn’t be lost, would they?” “Did you look on the hall table?” “You already asked that.” “Why don’t you put them in the same place every time?” “Why don’t you stick your head up your nostril?” “What? That’s not even possible.” “Aha! Found them.” “Great, where were they?” “On the hall table.” “Didn’t I -” “Finish that sentence and you’re dead.”).

Mrs Tin would not be happy about me writing about such domestic secrets, so I won’t.

So instead I’m going to describe a “what???” moment.

I’m sure all you bloggers will agree that we suffer for our art. I wrote the VonTrappist monks post a couple of days ago knowing, as I said in the post, that it would mean spending a whole day with songs from The Sound of Music stuck in my head. The following day I quoted a line from the Postman Pat theme song, and suffered a similar fate (the worst part is when you find yourself humming it in the office). Picking the title that I have for this particular post has pretty well spoilt this evening for me.

And we are also perfectionists (don’t laugh, this is as near to perfection as I can get). Just as I was about to post the Postman Pat post (see, perfection) I realised that I wasn’t sure whether the line is “Pat thinks he’s a really happy man” or “Pat feels he’s a really happy man”. So I Googled it, and then said “what???”

The lyrics were there, with the heading at the top “Postman Pat Lyrics, by Rick Wakeman”.

That’s Rick Wakeman, keyboard player with Yes, star of Grumpy Old Men and (& I didn’t know this either) the guy who played piano on “Morning Has Broken”.

So there you go. Not an “Aha!”, but just as interesting.

(¹’The Day Before You Came’, by Abba. I knew you’d want to know).


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