Identity Crisis

In a recent post I used the word googling. I was surprised to notice that Spellcheck underlined the word with its squiggly red line, implying that the word does not exist.

Since googling has replaced looking up books, asking an expert or listening to what the lads in the pub have to say as the principle way of finding out stuff, this is a little surprising. The encyclopedia has been replaced by Wikipedia, which is not 100% accurate still widely used, which reinforces the old saying that it’s not what you know but the fact that you can say you got it off the internet that’s important. Googling helps you find facts, book holidays, get concert tickets. My quiz last week would have been a lot shorter without Google.

If Columbus had had Google Maps, America would never have been discovered.

So the fact that WordPress’s Spellcheck has never heard of googling is a little odd, and therefore worthy of comment by a blogger always short of things to write about. I reckoned I might get 50 words or so out of it, but once I got into the second sentence the rash of squiggles meant that this is weirder than I thought.

Spellcheck does not recognise the word Spellcheck.

Having your spelling monitored by a program that thinks it doesn’t exist is like having your house haunted by a ghost who doesn’t believe in ghosts. It’s like one of those parallel paradoxes (or some rubbish like that) that turn up regularly in Sci-Fi films, where by travelling back into the past you run the risk of becoming your own grandad, or never having been born at all. You might think WordPress would be very worried about having a spell-checking system which has such low self-esteem, but WordPress has bigger problems.

Spellcheck does not recognise the word WordPress.

Now it’s possible that WordPress just bought a generic, comes-in-a-box spell-checking program off the shelf (having googled it to find the best one) but surely they should have manipulated it in some way so that it regarded their name as a legitimate word. For one of the world’s most popular blogging engines not to have its own name recognised by its own Spellcheck function is as daft as if Spellcheck didn’t recognise the word blogging.


Spellcheck doesn’t recognise the word blogging.


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