Recipe for Joy

Take one small baby boy. Add love. Throw in a sprinkle of humour, a dash of discipline, a soupçon of knowledge (such as telling him what “soupçon” means or if, like me, you don’t really know, telling him where he can look it up). When he is maddening, just simmer gently. Add more love. Lots of it.

You can follow this recipe and the results may not be perfect. Childrearing, like cookery, has an element of luck, at least where my cooking attempts are concerned. But if you are lucky, as we have been, then you will end up with a young man who is good-humoured and charming. A young man with a brilliant smile and an even better laugh. A young man who can sometimes be astonishingly dumb, yet more times be breathtakingly smart.

Tinson1 is nineteen today. Happy Birthday my son, my friend.


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