Nice Work

Tinson2’s Work Experience problems may be solved.

Our wonderful Justice Minister Dermot Ahern (no, I didn’t slag him off when he made all off-licences close at 10pm, or when he said that banks wouldn’t be robbed as often if we didn’t want them to carry money. Well, maybe just a bit) is bringing in the Test Purchasing of Alcohol Scheme. This scheme will allow the Gardaí to employ 15-17 year olds to enter licensed premises and attempt to buy alcohol.

I hope Tinson2 applies. I’d feel such pride if he got the job, like George H Bush must have felt when George W was elected President, or like Apollo must have felt when Apollo 11 flew to the moon.

It’s the pride of one’s son carrying on in one’s footsteps. For I too have attempted to purchase alcohol when I was under 18.

And I wasn’t even getting paid.


2 thoughts on “Nice Work

  1. jmg

    I was going to say sometimes you irish are so irish, particularly the politicians but my husband tells the tobacco regulators employed kids to do ditto here, so its an international career, if short.


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