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Ok, it turns out that “normal rubbish will resume tomorrow” actually means “normal rubbish will resume in four days time”. All I can say is that I was busy feeling sorry for myself. Anyway, if God wanted us to be good time-keepers he wouldn’t have invented Sorry I Forgot Your Birthday Cards.

While writing my replies to the supportive comments I received on my last post I noticed the Possibly Related Posts that WordPress suggested at the end of it. I’ve often been struck before by how oddly random these suggestions seem to be, and intend sometime to provide a selection of the more tenuously linked ones.

The ones here were strange, in that they were related, yet at the same time not. They suggested a post of mine called Out of Joint (nah, I’m not linking to it, it’s not that good). The main way in which this relates to the current post is that they share the same author, but there are 589 other posts out there of which you could say the same (advance warning there, 600th post not far away). The post is about when I hurt my back last January, and my boss made me visit a physiotherapist. I’m afraid I don’t see the connection, all it proves is that WordPress thinks all long medical words mean the same thing.

The other three suggestions are called “FMS. File Management System”; “If you’re looking for simple time manageme…” (the title is too long for them to fit it all in, perhaps the full title is “if you’re looking for simple time management, don’t bother reading anything with a title as long as this”); and “Office Organisation”.

Now, the meeting at which my tale took place was about a system we’re looking at for work. But the main thrust of my story, surely, was about derealisation, and how bloody soul-crushing it can be. The tags included “depression”, “derealisation” and my most used phrase of all, “it’s all about me”. Possibly More Possibly Related Posts, I’d have thought, might have included some of my own posts about derealisation (and God knows there’s no shortage of them, I hear you say), or other people’s posts about Tinman or the Wizard of Oz, or even stuff about clouds, rather than one suggesting a way of storing your files (I’m guessing alphabetical order comes into it somewhere).

I’m going to stop and publish this now, I can’t wait to see what they suggest for this.

It’ll probably be about Birthday Cards.


4 thoughts on “Possibly Related

  1. jmg

    glad your back I get worried, its hard to say anything because you think maybe it’ll make things worse, but heres my suggestion take your darling dancing preferable latin, we are doing zumba and its really hard to be miserable when you are wrong footing all the steps. we were watching people drive around Ireland its very beautiful. don juan says we can drop anything we want anytime. he calls life controlled folly. I’m playing plants v zombies on the computer dont try it they eat your brains! I am watching a bird in the garden their eyes look so fierce and wild. back to the zombies.
    I’ll stop talking now.

  2. A Frend

    Even worse than the time management piece having too long a title, it has written ‘your’ for ‘you’re’. I’m sure as hell not going to take advice from someone who can’t grasp basic grammar!
    (Sorry, is my pedantry showing?)


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