Buzzed Off

When you expose someone like the Spelling B he’s likely to get quite angry. So I made especially sure that my post about him was as accurate as I could make it. I read it, then, just like Santa, I started checking it twice. He had managed to make the second sentence start “warning of us of the existence..” but this was quickly corrected, and my post was published.

I’d say he was steaming. I, of course, was delighted.

I’d forgotten that he’s not called the Spelling B because the B stands for Bounder. No, he really is a Bollix.

He couldn’t get at me, so he got at someone I know.

I’ve written here before about the co-incidences that dog my life, filling it with wonder, surprise and blogging material. Well, our HR Director writes a weekly news email. And although it’s only September, he picked this week of all weeks to write about the Christmas holiday arrangements. He wrote about the fact that Christmas Day, St Stephen’s Day and New Year’s Day all fall at the weekend this year, and about what happens when such an event occurs.

These three days are Public Holidays. He told us this. He told us that there’s a Public Holidays Act, which specifies what happens when a Public Holiday falls on a weekend.  He told us that those of us taking the Friday or Monday off instead are to ensure that we make it clear whether we’re taking it as part of our annual leave or as a Day In Lieu of a Public Holiday.

You can guess what happened, can’t you?

Well, you almost can. It actually happened twice.

I’m not sure what a Pubic Holiday is. Is it a break from sex?

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