Birthday Girl

Mrs Tin is mentioned quite a lot in these annals, but very few posts are actually about her.

This is because she is a very private person. I used to think I was quite a private person until I found myself telling the whole world via the internet that I have mental problems, but she genuinely is.

Therefore she would be quite mortified if I told everyone that today is her birthday, and quite murderous if I mentioned how old she might be (I’ve think I’ve given the impression there that it might be some signifcant round number, but it isn’t).

So, very briefly, today IS her birthday, and she is much younger than me.

Happy Birthday, Mrs Tin


Tinman x


2 thoughts on “Birthday Girl

  1. Rose

    Happy Belated Birthday Mrs. Tin! I hope you had a lovely day. You share a birth date with my #3 brother. I also had celebration of sorts on the 16th. It was the twentieth anniversary of my fortieth birthday! Happy Birthday!


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