Loud and Proud

Ok, I’ve got it done.

Unable to take not hearing properly anymore, nor the pressure in my head which felt as if someone was using a bicycle-pump on my ear, I headed off this morning to a clinic near the office. I filled in a registration form (no, I don’t have any STDs, thank you for asking) and was admitted to see a really nice doctor. He chided me gently about my attempts at self-help (apparently I had the same effect on my ear-wax that a pipe-smoker has when he tamps down his tobacco) then got out his machine and gave it socks.

And now I can hear again. I can hear the chatter around the office. I can hear when people say hello to me. I can hear the really irritating truck that’s been parked outside the window for half an hour with its engine running. I can hear the mermaids singing, each to each.

Mind you, I think the last one is just because I’m mental.


8 thoughts on “Loud and Proud

  1. Jo

    I know someone who gets this done every two weeks because he fears cotton buds and the impaction of which you speak – he once got an agonising ear infection and swore never again.

    I’d miss cleaning my ears though, it’s such a blissful feeling.

  2. Jo

    Hahaha, that’s a fairly damning entry 🙂

    Thus ends my interest in the practice! Never got them or anything, it just seemed like a nice idea .. but … clearly, not so much.


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