Schools In

The schools have gone back this week. Even if you have no children of school age you would have guessed this because of the following:

  • The shopping centres are deserted during the daytime;
  • The weather is suddenly fantastic;
  • The County Councils have decided that now would be a good time to start all those roadworks that they’ve been putting off all summer.

On the bright side the morning streets are filled with little groups of teenagers, uniformed and wearing schoolbags the size and shape of Volkswagen Beetles, walking along in little groups, smiling, chatting and laughing.

The young are great.


5 thoughts on “Schools In

  1. laughykate

    Ahem! Tinman, just alerting you to the fact that it’s ermmmmmmm, Sept 1st. Anything you want to parcel up and send this way ? Cause, erm, my courier has been and gone…..

  2. jmg

    Today is the first day of spring and the flowers are out I feel like gardening again and I put shorts on for the first time in ages and looking at the sea yesterday I contemplated a body board. Even the stock market went up a bit. your holiday looked fun.

  3. Grannymar

    The mist is lifting so the sun will follow and play until at least the schools close for the day and the birds are gathering on the wires ready for flight south fot the winter. I wonder if I flap my arms……

  4. Rummuser

    Just a road separates our home from a big boarding school. From where we sit to have our morning tea, we can see the playground of the school and hear the sounds of hundreds of boys. We have become very possessive about the school and its transient residents. Whenever they close for vacation, we miss the action. The same school has a day school down the road from us and we can see children in uniform walking or bicycling to and fro and we enjoy seeing them too. Yes, watching the young fills our hearts.


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