Well, There He Is

I know that many of you are already familiar with Matt.

For those of you who aren’t, Matt is a young American guy who was travelling in Hanoi when his friend persuaded him to do the one – terrible – dance that Matt knows, and filmed him doing it. This became such a hit on You-Tube that a company, Stride Chewing-Gum, sponsored him to travel the world filming his dance in different places. He put the resulting film on his website, wherethehellismatt.com, and got so much feedback that the company sponsored him to go again, this time inviting people to join him.

To watch the resulting video, set to wonderful music, click the link above and prepare to be enchanted.

And why have I decided to bring Matt up today? Well, it’s because of this photo, the gobsmacking highlight of my trip to New York:

That’s Matt’s video, being played on a giant screen. In Times Square.

Even though I’ve never met him, I felt so proud of him and for him.

Life goes in strange directions. I bet when Matt was growing up he never foresaw himself making a short film that would delight the world. But his video has been watched over 30 million times now. That’s 30 million brief bursts of joy that he has given to people.

Not many other people get to do as much good with their lives.

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