How Yiooo Doon?

We’re here, it’s great.

Oh, and it’s raining.

Heat warning me arse.


4 thoughts on “How Yiooo Doon?

  1. Rose

    “Heat warning me arse”

    Well I stand corrected! I thought it’s been in the mid 90ties in NYC, and when you’re use to 19 C. (66 degrees) this time of year, as you are, I thought 95 might be uncomfortable for you. You got lucky, other than the rain. I however have not been so lucky. Yesterday it stormed like there would be no tomorrow. There was the most amazing Heat Lightening. It made a beautiful show but the wind was like standing in a giant Blow dryer, or with 60% humidity it’s more like an Indian Sweat Lodge with a breeze. No Rain! These 100+ degree days are sucking the life out of me. Oh, but wait we have a cold front. I almost forgot it’s only a cool 97 degrees today. But again Monday we’re back to the triple digits. Factor in the humidity and its HELL!
    So bring your “arse” down here and then we’ll talk! Have a wonderfully cool vacation!

  2. tinman18 Post author

    Well it was really warm, Rose, but we were thrilled. As you say, even our hot days aren’t all that warm, so we loved it.I just thought it was amazing that it actually rained the second we arrived.

    As for bringing my arse down to Louisiana, God, I’d love to someday.

  3. Rose

    Tinman, consider an open invitation any time. We would love to have you and corrupt you in ways that only Louisianans can. Before you get back to Ireland, I’m sure you will have gained 10 pounds, drinking too much, gambling, dancing and swearing in words you’ve never heard before. I promise you more fun than you thought possible!


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