Sorry I haven’t posted for a few days. I’ve had a bit of a typing problem.

A while ago I wrote about how I had a pain in my right hand which made holding the mouse very difficult. We all had great, ribald fun at my expense (expressions like “holding the mouse” would have attracted particular hilarity), the pain subsided, we all moved on.

My hand has come back to bite me in the arse. That sentence makes no sense whatsoever, but I don’t care.

Somehow I’ve hurt muscles in my shoulder (anyone who thinks that’s from something like windsurfing, bungee jumping or bursting through a door like a cop doesn’t know me very well) and the pain is spreading down my arm and, again, into my right hand. I apply Diclac (Voltarol for poor people) as often as I can, but it only lasts for so long.

Since Tinman’s Typing Technique (Patent Pending) involves using just one finger on each hand this has cut my typing speed by 50 per cent, and since I wasn’t a 70 wpm man in the first place this post couldn’t have been done any more slowly if I’d chipped it onto a stone tablet.

The pain is slightly better this morning, though, so hopefully normal service will resume soon.


6 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. Jo

    Poor Tinman 😦

    Um. When you’re better, download Typershark, and have some fun learning to type. Two fingers??? Are you kidding me? I never learned to type and I still use all of mine – this explains my typo issues, but still!

  2. Grannymar

    You mean you are almost a pain in the neck? 😉

    Watch that hand/arm/shoulder. Elly ignored her arm pain and ended up with 12 months Physiotherapy and restricted use on the keyboard.

  3. Rose

    I learned how to type very early along side of my 4 brothers one very long hot summer, kind of like this summer! My mother (strange woman that she is) decided that we needed to know how to type. She even bought a typewriter from the office supply store with out letters. I can still hear A S D F J K L ; in my head. She also thought fun summer reading would be “Henry Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body” I only liked the parts with the naughty bits. We had to take swimming lessons and piano lessons, art etc., but to date the only lesson I was grateful for was the typing. I know you use a lap top in the car, on the train, and on the sofa etc. but, what you need is a mouse pad with wrist support. I had the same problem after dislocating my shoulder. It isn’t the typing even though it may seem like it. My wrist and hand killed me then my son gave me the most irritating mouse pad on the planet. I hated it but it works. It’s got some kind of gel filling. It took some getting use to. I hope it gets better soon.


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