Aptitute Test

A new team has been added to one of the divisions in our office (we’re like the football league – there are divisions, with teams in each, and sometimes there’s an awful, awful lot of balls) and one of the girls has been put in charge of it. I met her in the kitchen yesterday and congratulated her, she said “thanks, some people think I’m mad”, etc, etc.

This afternoon I walked past one of the meeting rooms, looked through the glass, and there she was – sitting on her own, papers in front of her, glasses on and long brown hair hanging down. I opened the door and said “wow, one day in the job and they give you your own office”.

She looked up. It wasn’t her.

It was apparently some French girl in for interview.

I’m hoping she thinks it was part of the interview process, otherwise the chances of us ever seeing her again aren’t that high.


2 thoughts on “Aptitute Test

  1. jmg

    story on Ireland today apparently the worst depression since independence and that the repo men were very busy but they dont take the blankets off the beds they want the yachts and the mercs and the paintings. sort of cheering,


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