Mo’ Bussin’ Blues

We bloggers like to believe that we have thousands of silent readers. Even if we get regular comments from less than 10 people we like to think that many, many others are reading, admiring, and talking to their friends about how brilliant we are.

Blog statistics are the pin that bursts that particular bubble. I got 44 readers for my bus post yesterday, and that’s assuming that each of you visited just once each. For all I know I have just one Kathy-Bates-in-Misery type reader, who hit my blog 44 times in swooning, lovesick devotion, in a room that has a picture of me (well, Brad Pitt, which is what she imagines I look like) on a small table, with a candle and a vase of red roses in front of it.

So it’s unlikely that all the drivers in Donnybrook Bus Depot cease their discussion each day about the Page 3 girl in the Sun, whether Liverpool will be any better under Roy Hodgson and how it should be permissible to mow down cyclists just so they can all gather around a computer and read this blog. So it’s unlikely that the driver of yesterday evening’s bus, having read of my morning bus adventures, thought to himself “huh, if he thinks that’s scary, wait till he sees this”.

Therefore the only conclusion is that he’s seen Speed, and thought it was a training video.

He beeped at people to get out of his way, drove for a while in the fast lane of the dual carraigeway, and overtook the line of traffic waiting to go right at the Killarney Road roundabout by driving up the left lane and then simply cutting across them. I didn’t actually hear any terrified passengers whimpering, but I think that’s because we were travelling faster than the speed of sound.

Having said all that, we got to Greystones 12 minutes ahead of my previous ever record, so on balance I hope they keep him.

By the way, the driver of this morning’s bus was the same driver as yesterday, presumably on the get-back-up-on-the-bike principle. I didn’t quite burst into applause when we reached our destination without mishap, as passengers do when touching down after turbulent flights, but I sure felt like it.


6 thoughts on “Mo’ Bussin’ Blues

  1. A Frend

    But does the blog-counter count me if I just go to your home page and read the post, or would I have to click on it? Because I always do the former. Maybe I’m not counted at all. You have 45 readers!

  2. tinman18 Post author

    Wow, perhaps you’re right – maybe I DO have thousands of readers… millions perhaps…

  3. Kick Out The Jams

    Don’t think it counts those who get the RSS feed, so you do have thousands of readers! They are a very quiet lot though, the least they could do is bring you out for a pint now and then…

  4. jmg

    does a read to listener count as I often read your posts to the assembled lounge freeloaders, now 44 plus3, ok still not huge but my daughter tells me she has never made a comment on blogs she has followed for years oh it was the counter dont look at it. quality not quantity.


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