Friday Night, Saturday Morning

Why do we Irish insist on running onto the pitch at the end of hurling or football matches, no matter how often we’re asked not to? Will the Greens win any seats at all in any of the next five general elections? Did Hitler think “oh shit, we’re fucked now” when he heard Japan had bombed Pearl Harbor? Was Peter Schmeichel the greatest goalkeeper of all time? Did Maggie Thatcher being British PM for so long help or hinder women’s rights? Have house prices fallen as low as they can, or is there still a long way to go? Is Toy Story 3 any good? Do Southern Irish people support Northern Ireland at football? Why do we get threatened with being thrown out of the EU if we vote against something like the Lisbon treaty, but when France voted against the EU Constitution it was just abandoned? Why haven’t the Government held the by-elections for the three vacant seats? Why aren’t the UN tougher on countries with bad human rights records? How were Iraq meant to give up their WMDs when they didn’t have any? Have you ever seen The Princess Bride? What was it like watching the Iron Curtain governments fall one by one? When are you two going to bed?

All of these questions were addressed by Tinson1 and I during a wide-ranging conversation last night. Well, not all of them. The last question was actually asked by Mrs Tin when she came down to the kitchen to find us chatting. Because at that stage it was 5.25 am.

I got home around midnight, he had apparently arrived a few minutes earlier. He was in the kitchen getting himself something to eat when I arrived in to make tea, and we started to talk. And then talk. At some stage I made more tea. Still we continued to talk, just standing there. We saw the dawn come up, and still talked, still standing there. That was the thing, neither of us sat, we just continued to stand, he with his back against the cooker, me leaning against the back door, as if we both realised that if either of us sat down or looked tired then the spell would be broken and this remarkable conversation would end.

Neither of us were up too early this morning.

Oh BTW: I think it’s because disobedience to authority is part of our psyche, not a chance, I would have if I was him, yes of course, probably helped on balance, still have a long way to fall, brilliant, most of them, because France are more important than we are, because they’ve no balls, because they’ve no balls, search me (since searching them didn’t work), well you should, really astonishing, we’re just off now.

4 thoughts on “Friday Night, Saturday Morning

  1. tinman18 Post author

    It’s me who saw the Princess Bride, Jo, I was trying to get him to see it.

    It will work out, Mwa, they become less like your kids and more like your friends.

    And you’re right, LK, we will both remember it.


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