Fade Out

While sitting in the garden this afternoon, with my iPod set on shuffle, I was struck by how many of the songs simply faded out at the end, without any definite closing notes.

This doesn’t happen in other art forms. No book has ever been written where the type simply gets smaller and smaller until eventually it can’t be read at all. No play has ever been performed where the actors just speak more and more quietly and then the curtain closes.

And no film has ever been made where the closing credits suddenly appear out of nowhere, apparently in mid-story, if you don’t count the first Lord of the Rings film.

Yet songwriters seem to feel that it is fine to simply repeat the chorus over and over, while slowing turning the volume control button. To those of us with real jobs, however, those who have to install microwave ovens, or do custom kitchen deliveries (a fine example of the kind of song I’m talking about, by the way), this just seems like laziness. We feel that if you are getting your money for nothing and your chicks for free (in fairness, most guys do get their chicks for free, as indeed do most chicks get their guys, because the alternative to that is called prostitution) then you should make a bit of an effort, even if it’s just sticking “dum diddley ump dum…..dum dum” at the end of every song.

I’ve noticed too that it’s a modern trend. I have quite a lot of classical music on my iPod, and people like Mozart and Bach, having written far longer tunes than today’s boys, had no problem at all thinking up stirring or beautiful endings. The Classical Composers’ Union is let down only by Schubert, who not only couldn’t be arsed finishing his symphony, he couldn’t even be arsed thinking up a proper name for it.

Well, that’s it for today’s post …. that’s it for today’s post …. that’s it for …

Bloody annoying, isn’t it.


5 thoughts on “Fade Out

  1. Mwa

    I do the fade-out with my neighbour in the house opposite sometimes. She won’t let me go, so I just talk/listen to her walking off until she has to stop.

  2. A Frend

    Apparently it dates from when jukeboxes were popular, because if it fades out without a satisfying ending, you’re more likely to play it again.
    Or so I’m told. It doesn’t sound very credible, does it?

  3. Jo

    Yes, but: what is more annoying is the trend that has passed mostly at this stage, characterised by Ash and Whastsisname, the specky lanky nerdy guy, Jorvis cocker, that’s it – of being too loazy to write lyrics, or rhymes, and just si-ii-i-i-ing, adding muyltiple syllables to everything instead. That fills me with scorn and derisi-i-i-ision I must admit. I’ll take a lazy fade out over that any day.

    Still, good point – I say blame the producers. But I will pass this post on to the Juice so that they can take it under advisement.

  4. laughykate

    There is an editor I used to work with, anytime we were searching for a track to slap our pictures and the song ended with a fade out we would yell, ‘COP OUT!’ very loudly in the edit suite.


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