Strike One

Mrs Tin and I have been to New York before. We went there in 2006, to celebrate the fact that we were 25 years going out together.

And we went mental.

We essentially deluded ourselves with deliberately and blatantly faulty currency conversion (“40 dollars? Why that’s only seven euro”), and armed with this mathematical madness we felt free to spend, spend, spend. We went on a boat trip around Manhattan, and then on a helicopter trip over it. We spent over 500 dollars in Saks alone one afternoon. We went to the outlet stores in Woodbury Common and bought so much clothing (including two shirts that are still unopened in my wardrobe) that we had to buy an extra suitcase to bring it all home. We ate enormous meals (in fairness, there were no small meals available) every day, we went to a bar every night. And on our actual anniversary we went to see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway.

That was then, this is now. Now the economic situation is a lot worse (and that’s just in our house), as my annual bonus has been scrapped, my salary has been cut and my taxes have risen to a level where it seems that I am personally baling out at least one of the banks. 

So we have agreed that this time we will behave, that we will be sensible and frugal, that we will take advantage of lovelier weather (last time was in February, it was minus nine degrees in the daytime and minus thirteen at night) to just stroll about and enjoy the sights. There will, in short, be no silly spending.

Today we bought tickets online to go to a Yankees game while we’re there.

Our plan needs a little work.


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