Apple of My Eye

I got an unexpected parcel on our anniversary (and actually, another unexpected gift yesterday when Jo arrived out to the Tinhouse (and she knows why it’s called that now) with cakes for Mrs Tin and me. No pressure, dear friends in Belgium or Oz or New Zealand, I’m just saying).

My passport, which I applied for only four weeks ago, arrived that morning.

I should explain to my overseas friends that an industrial dispute in the Passport Office earlier this year has led to a backlog of 60,000 passports. This is part of the reason why we have booked no holidays this year, as I didn’t expect to see my passport for so long that by the time it arrived the the Tinsons would look more like the photo than I would.

Anyway, on Tuesday at work I got an email from Mrs Tin saying “your passport has arrived”. Immediately I replied “great, book New York”.

Now, those of you who read this blog regularly know that I like to make jokes. As you know, though, Mrs Tin doesn’t read this blog.

So she booked New York.

And on August 12th, less than five weeks away, The City That Never Sleeps will meet The Man Who Wakes At Four. Something has to give.

And the man whose inability to go through the X-Ray machines has led to him being patted down at six different airports in under three years gets the chance to see just how thoroughly he’ll be fondled by the most security-conscious airport staff on the planet.

At my age, that’s something to look forward to.


10 thoughts on “Apple of My Eye

  1. K8

    I’d love a trip to New York. I’d rent a moped and drive all the way to the Grand Canyon and back.

    Enjoy the Jocakes!! I myself stole some cupcakes recently from her kitchen of desires and they barely made it over the threshold when I returned home.

  2. Jo

    Damn, though, it’s going to be hot in August! Make sure you go to the MOMA, it’s got Starry Night there, you could look at it forever. It did 9 years ago, at least…

  3. laughykate

    How spectacularly cool ! I am so pathetic in New York, I can’t believe how much I wig out with excitement when I’m on Broadway, standing in Times Square, cliche, cliche, American sitcom after American sitcom. Oh, how I love it. You will have such a good time.

    (P.S Baking in the post).

  4. jmg

    now what cake would I send def banana bread thats the go here you put a slice in one of those sandwich pressers and warm it up then you sit with your latte next to the beach and watch the boys ride waves and the lawyers play football and the exchange students learn to surf and the ladies of the night emerge for breakfast at 2pm and whatever else is happening while you soak up the negative ions? or positive forgot. My husband recommends you see “A Little Night Music because Catherine Z is getting replaced with Bernadette Peters and Angela Lansbury with ELAINE STRITCH!!! who is fabulous. We are going to see the oz version tomorrow night at the Opera house. Thank goodness or we would be so envious. He also recommends the Adams family musical because through it is panned it is the Adams family and they are our aspiration way of life.

  5. tinman18 Post author

    Isn’t it great how excited everyone gets as soon as New York is mentioned? It really is an amazing place. Maybe it’s because it’s on the TV & in films so much, but as soon as you get there you feel you belong.
    Normally when I’m going on hols I’m so busy beforehand (it’s called “frontlog”, apparently)that I don’t even dare think about it until the evening before we leave, but this time I’m already thinking “only four weeks to go”.
    I’m not sure how I feel so far about the probing I’m going to get, Grannymar, I just have a feeling it will be really, really thorough.


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