Ships in the Night

I left for work this morning at 6.45. I started walking down our road, and after about 50 yards met someone walking the other way.

It was Tinson1, on the way home from his mate’s house.

We may live in the same house, but at the moment we live in two different time zones.


4 thoughts on “Ships in the Night

  1. A Frend

    It’s evolution’s way of allowing teenagers and their parents to occupy the same space without killing each other.

  2. laughykate


    It reminds me, when I was living Tokyo – post university when we were milking the economy teaching bad English. It was at a stage in our lives when the boys were realising that they no longer had the metabolisms that worked at the speed of cheetahs. One of my friends decided he had devised the Best Diet on the Planet. It started, ‘Sleep to 2 pm……’


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