Loose Women

Mrs Tin and Tingirl are going to see a show on Wednesday. They’re off to see Wicked, the musical which tells the story of the Wizard of Oz from the point of view of the Witches.

(Wow, Tinman, I hear my Irish readers say, I never heard that Wicked had come to Dublin). Well, you didn’t hear it because it hasn’t. They’re going to see it in London, in the West End.

They’re going tomorrow and coming back on Friday. They’ve spent the last two weeks arranging it, booking flights to Gatwick, a hotel in Kensington and tickets for the show, all of which seem to have somehow ended up on my credit card.

In order to catch the flight they’ve to get up at 4.30 tomorrow. Those of us who have to work tomorrow may well think “tee hee, good enough for them”. Those of us, however, who not only have to work tomorrow but also have to get up at 4.30 to drive them to the Aircoach bus-stop are unlikely to think that, and instead sometime around ten tomorrow tonight will think “bloody hell, is this day ever going to end?”.

There will be no “Desperate Houselives” posts from me this time, as I won’t be taking time off to mind my other children as I’ve had to do when, for example, Mrs Tin went to her cousin’s wedding in Spain. To begin with, the first week of a month is the one time when I can’t possibly take time off, and in any case there would be no point, I’d be the only one awake for most of the day. As school and college are both on holiday the Tinsons stay up later and later each night, then get up later and later each day. As proof of this, I came into the kitchen, where Tinson1 plays World of Warcraft online, at 6.30 this morning. He was admittedly in bed, but the kitchen light was on, and the only way he’d not have noticed that is if he’d gone to bed in daylight. 

So I’ll be leaving the Tinsons to fend for themselves during the day. It is possible that I will arrive home from work each evening to find my pipe & slippers (I don’t smoke a pipe, but it’s part of the cliché) laid out and a lovingly prepared meal waiting, but only in some alternate universe to this one. They will eat a lot of cornflakes during the day, and we will buy a lot of pizza during the evening.

But we’re not the important ones in this post. Mrs Tin and Tingirl are off together without us lads for the very first time, let loose in a fantastic city that Tingirl has never been to. They’ll see the show together, eat together, shop together, sight-see together. As a bonding, girly, fun experience it will be hard to beat.

I hope they have a wicked time.


3 thoughts on “Loose Women

  1. laughykate

    Oh, it sounds like they will have such a great time. As for the male Tins, when you’re talking pizza – considering the hours the younger Tin’s are keeping – will it be breakfast pizza? Pizza with eggs or cereal?

  2. Jo

    Egg on pizza is fabliss. SPinach,egg, mushroom… what was the other thing? Maybe artichoke heart? The Milano Gardiniere, anyway, so nice!

    I’m surprised Xbox hasn’t come on and enthused about Wicked, I seem to remember him loving it before.

  3. tinman18 Post author

    Breakfast pizza would have done them very nicely, actually. I should have put muesli on it. And porridge.


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