Names Again

One of my friends in the office has the same name as Tingirl – let’s call her Tingirlname, for the purposes of this post.

She had a meeting this morning and told us at lunchtime that the girl she had met had the stupidest name she’d ever heard – Tabitha, let’s say (though it wasn’t, I’m just picking that because it always reminded me of cats).

“It’s from the bible,” said one of the others (Ellen Mildred Garth from the post about Latin names, is anyone still reading at this stage?).

We then began a discussion about really dreadful names in which, I’m sorry to say if they’re yours, the names Gobnait and Nábla fared particularly badly. It then rambled through the number of Irish names which have superfluous letters (a big hello to any Cliodhnas and Maedhbhs who are reading this) and finally got on to the origins of each of our own names.

As we tend to take lunch at different times the participation in this conversation was somewhat fluent – people left to go back to work, others came and joined in. One of the bosses had just joined us when I asked Tingirlname “what does your name mean, it’s the same as my daughter’s and I’ve always wanted to know”.

“I don’t actually know either,” said Tingirlname.

“I do,” said the boss, “it’s from the bible, it’s derived from the name Tabitha”.

You really can’t make stuff like that up.

4 thoughts on “Names Again

  1. Jo

    It’s Cliona. or maybe pronounced cleeana. It’s pretty! And the other is the Irish for Maeve.

    I’ve never heard Nábla before though.

    Tinman, what was the worst name ever?? Text it me!

  2. tinman18 Post author

    Yes LK, Cliodhna is a real name. I worked with a girl once who’s job involved dealing with the US a lot, and I heard her once saying “my name’s Cliodhna – that’s spelt K-L-E-N-A”. When she hung up she saw me looking at her and said “if I tell them the real spelling I’ve to listen to half-an-hour about how unusual it is, and how lovely Irish names are,and I never get off the phone.”

    Text on its way, Jo.


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