Step One

Tinson1 has passed his exams!

That’s his first year of Science completed, so the time when he can find a cure for cancer, design a car that runs on baby-sick or accidentally blow up the world is now one step closer.

Because all his friends’ results come out on different days there was no massive celebration in Trinity, so in the end he just came out for a drink with me. We sat quietly in the pub, chatting away, pretty well ignoring the football (I wanted England to win until the States brought on a guy called Edson Buddle. You have to love a footballer with a name like that), and we had a great time.

I know I sound all gushy when I talk about how proud I am of him (and indeed of all of them), but today I’m just gonna gush away.


8 thoughts on “Step One

  1. Mwa

    Gushing is good. Catholics don’t gush enough. (I mean Catholic in a national sense, not a religious sense – you know what I mean?) Anyway – gush away. What else do we have kids for?

    Oh, and yay Tinson1!!!

  2. tinman18 Post author

    You’re right, Mwa, we don’t gush enough. Also, you’re right, what else DO we have kids for? It’s certainly not to help around the house, I can’t even get mine to go to the shop and buy a paper.

  3. laughykate

    I think your gushing is fab. Well done Tinson1! P.S Didn’t watch all of that game on Saturday, but did wonder out loud in my limited-knowledge-flippant-way if you were going to have anybody left on the field by half time…..?

  4. tinman18 Post author

    Nothing to do with me, Grannymar, I was always useless at science.
    My other 2 kids are good at it too. Perhaps I’m adopted…

  5. Jo


    But tell me Tinman, you had some bad times too, right? It wasn’t always achievement and gentle filial bonding, was it?

  6. tinman18 Post author

    Trust me, Jo, it wasn’t all sweetness & light. We had lots of days where we were frankly scared of them….


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