Free at Last

I’ve posted this picture before of the tree in my front garden:

I have no idea what type of tree it is, Dendrology (yes, I did have to look it up) not being one of Tinman’s many talents, but I’m pretty sure that it’s not an oak tree.

No matter, when I arrive back from work the pub this evening I’m expecting a yellow ribbon to be tied around it. For I’ll be coming home having done my time (sorry if the song is now stuck in your head).

This is my 30th post in 30 days. My sentence is over.

So, 30 posts, about 15,000 words, two million brackets, and a surprising number of topics, surprising mostly in that not once did I have to resort to posting about how hard it was to think of a post topic every day.

I’ve learned a lot from the exercise. I’ve learned that you can think of things to write about if you really have to. I’ve learned that it’s easier once you keep to a routine.  I’ve learned that posts will grow and develop as they go, as long as you’ve made the effort to start them (the ice-cream van post, for example, started simply with the bit about the Colonel Bogey song, and the idea about where ice-cream vans go during the winter only came to me about half way through). I’ve learned, in short, that I really should do it more often.

That said, I’m bloody well taking tomorrow off.


5 thoughts on “Free at Last

  1. jmg

    need a leaf to see what the tree might be is it really 30 posts seems hardly that long but have enjoyed them all so thank you draw your breathe and get back to us soon.

  2. laughykate

    ‘Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree…’s been thee looooooong years, do you still want meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?’ Something snappy about ‘get on the bus, forget about us, and put the blame on meeeeeeeeeeee, tie a yellow ribbon………………

    I’m gunna kill you, Tinman.

  3. tinman18 Post author

    I’m amazed at how fast the 30 posts have gone as well, jmg. You and Grannymar are both very kind & I will try to keep it up.

    LK, you know how to get the song out of your head, don’t you?


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