Not Quite Scorchio

Back in February Laughykate lit up the whole internet with this glorious picture of her niece:

(I hope you don’t mind me nicking it, LK, but I love it, & think as many people as possible should see it).

She said she was thinking of calling it Summer in New Zealand.

I thought of the picture this morning, June 8th, when I looked out of the window of our office and saw this scene (you can tell by the streetscape, by the way, that I work in a really high class part of the city):

Welcome to Summer in Dublin.


7 thoughts on “Not Quite Scorchio

  1. Delarivier

    I used to work with a fellow from India. He said ‘You have two seasons – cold winter and warm winter.’ He forgot to mention the rainy season, which is what we have in Dublin instead of a summer…

  2. laughykate

    Very happy for you to be posting it Tinman !Chin up, it looks like it’s going to chunder down all day Wednesday (which is a rather odd thing to say since our Wednesday is nearing its end),Thursday is going to be a bit drippy but Friday, Sat, Sun and Monday are all looking peachy, with an average high of 17. Love from my Iphone.

  3. LK's sister

    LK’s niece (now 6): “If that was in New Zealand, it looks like winter. But in your country it’s summer. I know it’s weird because when it is summer in New Zealand it is sunny and very shiny. There is a big, big difference between our summer and your summer.” (Do you think she could rub it in anymore?!)

  4. tinman18 Post author

    She sounds very like her aunt, the one who keeps tracking our crap weather on her iPhone and, coz she lives 12 hours in the future, can tell us just how brutal it’s going to be.
    To really rub it in more, I saw the Irish rugby team training in Auckland today before Saturday’s game, and the weather looked gorgeous.

  5. tinman18 Post author

    Dear LK’s niece,

    Thank you for commenting here. I hope you’re pleased that people in way up here in Ireland think the photo of you is really great. You’re right, there is a big, big difference between your summer and our summer.

    Give your aunty a big hug, she’s always telling us lovely stories about you.


  6. tinman18 Post author

    I know two Indian brothers who’ve been here for 4 years, Delarivier, and they now can’t go home to India during the summer because they can’t take the heat there anymore.


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