Mellow Yellow

It is well known that books, papers and photos all yellow with age. It is not, however, supposed to happen with your TV picture.

But that is what, so gradually that at first we didn’t notice, has been happening with the picture on our 9-year old telly.

For example, this was the cricket on our TV this morning:

The ghostly mug in the top of the picture, which I’ve only just noticed now, is not actually the issue, it’s the colour of the pitch that I’m pointing out. They appear to be playing on the surface of Mars.

This is a picture of the darts that was on the next station up (as you may gather, we don’t watch a lot of the more intellectual channels in the Tinhouse):

I’ve been in many pubs where they have dartboards, and never have I seen one that colour. So, with the World Cup now just five days away, clearly something had to be done.

(I remember back to the 1974 World Cup. In those days everyone rented their tellies, and Totterdells thought up a brilliant marketing plan where, for the duration of the World Cup, you could hire a colour TV for the price you were paying for your black-and-white one. My dad went for it and, needless to say, we never went back).

Anyway, off we went this afternoon to Power City (that’s the name of the shop, my overseas friends, we don’t actually have a town called that), myself, Mrs Tin and the house’s technical expert, Tinson2. Mrs Tin was quite firm that we would buy nothing bigger than a 32″ model, but the fact that there were now two blokes and just one girl in the shopping party meant that when we got there she was outvoted. We ended up getting one that, when it was put in the car, took up so much room that Tinson2 and I had to be left behind, with Mrs Tin driving the TV home and then coming back for us.

And this is now the cricket:

And this is now the darts:

Ah, there they are

See, even the darts player is better looking on the new TV.

So now I’m really looking forward to the World Cup. At least when Holland, in their famous orange shirts, are playing, they will no longer look like a collection of disembodied heads and legs.


6 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow

  1. jmg

    That old TV was just fading from boredom obviously, it probably would have improved for the world cup, yuck cricket and darts

  2. vdog

    I hate to be a cynic Tinman, but it has occurred to me… as a technical expert, Tinson2 would know how to adjust the colour balance on a TV. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that your old TV turned pink close to the World Cup though. =)


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