Photo Finish

The first four days of the month at work are, as I have said previously, a very busy time for my friend GoldenEyes and I, as we meet a deadline that only the most brilliant of employees could possibly achiveve (my boss has discovered that I have this blog).

Therefore I don’t get to draft or even plan any posts at work. This is not a problem if I write stuff in the evening, but on Fridays I head straight to my local after work so myself and the other lads can bitch (though in a manly way) about how tough our week has been.

Also not a problem, unless you’ve committed yourself to a post every day for 30 days. So I ran out of the pub at 11.35, turned on my computer at 11.51, and it’s 11.57 as I write this word.



2 thoughts on “Photo Finish

  1. Mwa

    Gah – I know what you mean. At least I get weekends off, but the pressure can be huge sometimes. Especially seven months pregnant and with a lot of kids stuff to do, I just don’t have the energy to plan good posts sometimes. Which bugs me, because I have my PRIDE dammit.


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