Sit On This and Swivel

I think I’ve discovered the cause for the headaches that I get during the afternoon at work.

It’s my chair.

Of course it is, Tinman, I hear you all thinking, that’s because you have your head up your bum.

That may well be true, but that’s not what I mean. I have one of those standard office chairs, one that swivels, with two levers that control the angle of the backrest and the height of the seat. Each morning I set the chair at the correct ergonomic height (nah, I don’t know what it means either, it’s written on the bottom of the chair) and type merrily away until about lunchtime.

Unfortunately it won’t stay up for as long as I’d like it to (oh please, I’m talking about the chair). As the afternoon drags on the chair slumps lower and lower, much as my spirits do (perhaps we’re soulmates now, like the Third Policeman and his bike). As this happens very gradually I don’t notice, so it never occurs to me that my shoulders are being forced higher and higher, my neck is scrunched lower and lower, until finally I end up with the posture of Bela Lugosi as he becomes a bat, or the Phantom of the Opera hunched over his organ (I’ve re-written that sentence five times, that’s the cleanest version I can come up with).

Obviously (here comes the science bit – concentrate) this puts strain on my shoulder and neck muscles, which of course leads (under the Holistic “de hipbone connected to de thighbone” Principle) to a splitting pain between my eyes.

Perhaps the office will pay for neck massages.


2 thoughts on “Sit On This and Swivel

  1. chelsea A.

    That sounds like quite a problem! No office chair should do that, and if it does, that means the base is defective. I’m sure they would understand if you requested a new chair or at least call the manufacturer to get a replacement part for the chair.


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