Test of Manhood

Our company is making a presentation to Enterprise Ireland, and they, as Public Sector companies tend to do, have supplied very precise instructions as to the format this presentation is to take. They have asked for a lot of information, to be supplied in a very specific format.

One of the things they have asked for is an “organigram”.

Perhaps this is why the application ended up on my desk. Perhaps Sales thought “haven’t a clue what that is, but I bet Tinman’s had one at some stage”.   

Now I have had a lot of tests over the past four years. I’ve had tests on my heart, my brain, my blood, my (shudder at the memory) prostate. I’ve been probed about my memory, my psyche, my mental health. I’ve been asked about my love-life (kissogram), asked about my favourite Stones’ song (angiogram), and been asked to walk a straight line to test my balance (parallelogram).

I have no recollection, however, of having an organigram, and I can’t imagine that it’s something you’d forget.

And even if I did have one, I’m not sure I’d want to show it to them. Imagine if our proposal was rejected, and the whole company lost the chance to make a lot of money, simply because Enterprise Ireland felt that “Tinman’s organigram was a sad disappointment”.

The feeling of inadequacy would be huge, and sadly that’s the only thing that would be.


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