Thank You, Someone

I’ve been nominated in the Best Personal Blog category in the Irish Blog Awards.

So have 118 other people, so it’s not exactly time to start planning an acceptance speech, but it’s still a nice feeling. Some of the people who I know read this are nominated too (hi, K8, Grandad, XBox), so congrats to all of you as well.

Last year I got nominated too (& also for Best Newcomer) and didn’t know what to say, so I didn’t say anything. I realised afterwards that this was rude to whoever had nominated me, so this time I really want to say thank you to whoever you are.

To my real astonishment I also got nominated for Best Blog Post, for this one about a day I just couldn’t go to work. It’s nice to see such craven laziness being rewarded.   

Really though, I’m amazed that a post that I wrote more than six months ago made such an impression on someone that they remembered it and suggested it. It makes me feel very proud, and very honoured. 

Thank you again.

6 thoughts on “Thank You, Someone

  1. Rose

    Tinman, you would certainly get my vote. You have been so kind. You have reassured me that in time I will forget this chunk of metal (I’m sure aliens implanted) in my chest. You took the time to tell me that, in time the scar will fade. You have been funny and poignant, inspirational and entertaining, and especially for me encouraging. Thank You!

  2. tinman18 Post author

    Thanks both of you, I’m blushing here. No, there’s judging, then a shortlist, then an Oscar-type awards night, which is really good fun. I went last year, to Cork, for the whole weekend, & this year it’s in Galway, which will be another weekend affair. It’s great meeting other bloggers, and putting faces to people whose stuff you’ve been reading and enjoying.

  3. CGAS

    Well deserved. I have always been an admirerer of your writing…

    As one JB was told the other day when meeting a friend for a pint…
    “JB i need a word….. what happened to the money in the Dame’s Cottage”
    Classic. I think you will know the friend was TF

    All the very best for the award, here’s hoping you make the final “and the nominations are….” at the very least.

    I’d love to reproduce (with your permission) a paragraph or two for The Fox’s Henhouse.


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