Worming Away

It was our company’s year-end at the end of December, so the auditors are in now doing our accounts.

The girl who comes to do our audit is friendly, funny, occasionally very mock-flirty (or possibly just wants me – hey, I can dream), and a really hard worker. She is also probably going to be out of a job next month, because her firm are having to let people go (I’m old enough to remember the last recession, & so not to find this all that surprising – the fact is many accountants haven’t a clue how to run a business either).

Although she’s facing the dole she’s still working as long and hard as ever. When we remarked on this she laughingly compared herself to a friend of hers currently seeing out her notice in another company, saying “she’s doing sweet f-a. She wouldn’t move to worm herself.” 

I’ve never heard this expression before, and imagined it was probably popular among cat-people (by which I mean people who like cats, not people who’ve been genetically altered in a Spiderman-like way after being bitten by one). I found it very evocative – imagine being so determined to do nothing that you wouldn’t even try to rid yourself of worms if you had them.

It was only on the way home that I realised that she’d said “she wouldn’t move to warm herself”, in a Limerick accent.

This was disappointing. I prefer the other one.

Feel free to use it, and startle your friends. It just might catch on.

4 thoughts on “Worming Away

  1. Rose

    It’s amazing to me how differently we communicate around the world. How our words in one part of the world mean only that thing in that part. In other parts of the world they would mean something entirely different. Now with global travel and communications we are using variations of the same phrases and mean pretty much the same thing. I will admit I had to look up “sweet f-a” I will use that from now on. However after reading about it, I can’t understand the evolutionary processes of the meaning.
    I get so tired of meeting new people and them always asking the same thing. “What do you do?” Knowing that’s not what they really want to know. From now on, when asked, I am going to answer, “Sweet F-A, I won’t move to warm myself” I can imagine the puzzled looks now!

  2. craig

    i like it…
    when you think what is involved in worming yourself, one feels this laid back attitude would be most helpful…
    it shall appear in a match report before too long, and i already have a number of people to whom it could be applied.
    Tinman would not have been one of them.


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