Ordered Disorder

Among the numerous mental health issues afflicting me at the moment is my disturbed sleep. I go to sleep more or less straight away, but wake many times during the night and finally wake and stay awake really early. This is not because I’m one of those people who doesn’t need a lot of sleep because if it was I wouldn’t keep falling asleep while watching football and wouldn’t feel so feckin’ tired all the time.

I usually sleep facing my alarm clock, so when I do wake I know what time it is, and last night I woke at midnight, one minute to one, one minute to two, three o’clock, one minute past four, five o’clock and two minutes past six.

Even my sleep disorder is becoming anal. I’m waking more or less every hour, on the hour, like a human Big Ben.

So I’m not just cuckoo. I’m a cuckoo clock.

3 thoughts on “Ordered Disorder

  1. Rose

    Maybe it’s a pacemaker thing. I am quickly off to sleep only to wake with what I think is an anxiety attack. I get over that and get back to sleep, only to do it all over again. The other day I fell asleep in my chair with a large cup of very hot coffee and spilled it, where eles, the still healing pacemaker site. Ouch! It will catch up with you and one day on the train you will wake up on the shoulder of a burly guy that thinks you’re cute!

  2. laughykate

    BUT ! (Says Pollyanna) at least you’re going to sleep after you wake up. If I’m anxious or stressed I will wake up about 5.00 a.m then stay bright awake till about 6.30 and then fall back into a deadly heavy sleep from then. OR if I have a very early morning call time, generally I will wake up every hour from about 2 a.m and check my clock to see if I have slept in, yet.


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