The Sadness Of King George

So George Lee has resigned, after just 8 months as a TD.

Since his leave of absence from RTE doesn’t expire until May, many people are wondering what he will do to keep busy. No need to worry, George has a packed programme of activities arranged that will keep him occupied until at least the week-end.

Tomorrow: George runs the Marathon. Well, not the whole thing. Or most of it. Well, he turns up at the start and makes sure he’s in all the photographs.

Wednesday: George gets a job teaching at Hogwarts, but resigns when he finds that you can’t really just wave a magic wand and change things.

Thursday: George becomes manager of the Irish soccer team. During the first game an opponent handles the ball. When the ref refuses to give a free George takes his ball and goes home.

Friday: George starts a blog, using the tagline “anything worth doing, is worth doing for at least ten minutes”.

Saturday: George gets to opportunity to have an affair with Keira Knightley, but walks away, saying he’d hoped he’d feel more used.

4 thoughts on “The Sadness Of King George

  1. Eamonn

    Much has been said about George Lee’s naievity in thinking that the irish political system needed a skilled economist in the middle of an economic nightmare. The truth is that the people who elected him were naieve to think that they could insert a change champion into a system that has been designed and moulded by it’s members to protect their interests first, last and always. Jackie Healy Rea is far closer to the centre of the continuum than George could ever have hoped to be. George has acted on a point of principle and this is so alien to our ecology that it will unavoidably arouse anger in politicians and the media spin doctors that sup from the same trough. It is no accident that the two most successful politicians of modern times have been Charley Haughey and Bertie Aherne.

  2. Tinman18

    I just think it’s a pity he didn’t stay a bit longer. Prof John Kelly was in Fine Gael for years, kicking up stink, and Shane Ross is doing much the same thing as an independent in the Seanad. George could have tried that approach first, embarrassing the FG leadership by raising issues, and possibly bringing about some change that way.

    If he’d done that, and at least stayed through one period where he had a front bench position, then if he felt too frustrated to continue no-one could blame him, and his departure would show up the system further. By leaving so quickly he’s ensured that a lot of the criticism is aimed at him rather than them.

    I’m also afraid that he’ll dissuade other possible outsider experts from other fields from giving it a go.

    Thanks for the comment, BTW.

  3. Kick Out The Jams

    Sunday: George goes to mass but people don’t recognise him as the Almighty so he disappears into the desert (TV3) for forty days and forty nights…

  4. Dan

    I’m writing this as you commented over on Xbox4NappyRashes site congratulating him on the birth of his daughter.

    I am writing it here because this post is down the page a bit and i don’t want him to see it 🙂

    A while ago, before Martin’s (xbox4nappyrash) wife got pregnant I promised I would post a youtube video of me singing “Yes” by Mcalomont & Butler whilst accompanying myself on the ukulele to celebrate the birth of their child.

    This will not be a pretty sight as I can neither sing, nor really play the ukulele (this isn’t false modesty – I really can’t).

    However what I thought might make it really cool would be instead of just a straight video I put together a montage of videos shot by readers of his blog all celebrating – i.e. dancing, sticking thumbs up, cheering, holding up signs, that sort of thing. It would have to be something that would work without sound as I would put my (awful) soundtrack over the top of it.

    It would be great if you could participate. If you send me a short 5-15 second video clip (or at a push a photo, but a video would be much better) along with your name and blog then I’ll put it together with other submissions and get something ready for the end of the week. I think it would be a really nice thing to do for martin to show him and E how pleased we are for him. and Martin has been incredibly supportive of me and my various projects in the past.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this. My email address is

    Thanks again.



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