Dragons’ Den, No 2: Thick as a Brick

“… but it’s just Lego, Tinman.”

“No, it’s Star Wars Lego, Theo. It’s much better.”


“Well, because you can make stuff from Star Wars out of it. Look here’s the Millennium Falcon.”

“Cool. Does it fly?”

“Er, of course not, James, it’s made of Lego.”

“Couldn’t you just have made it out of normal Lego?”

“Yes, Duncan, but it wouldn’t have been as good. And you get the characters with this version. Look, here’s Luke Skywalker.”

“His head’s just a roundy bit of Lego with a face painted on it. It could be anyone.”

“No, it’s obvious it’s Luke. And here’s Han Solo.”

“That’s exactly the same face.”

“No, it isn’t.”

“Yes, it is, they both look like Postman Pat without his glasses.”

“Well, never mind that. Look, I’ve done the robots too. Here’s R2D2 – oh, wait, sorry, that’s a Rolo that fell out of my pocket.”

“Seriously, Tinman, do you really think people will buy this rather than normal Lego?”

“Yes, I do, Peter. And other versions too. I’m working on a Harry Potter version.”

“Really. And what will HIS face look like?”

“Well, Postman Pat with his glasses, to be honest.”

“I have to say, Tinman, you have great balls.”

“Thanks, Deborah, but that’s actually a Lego Death Star.”

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