But Now Its Getting Embarrassing

Oh God.

Our Football Association has demanded a replay.

Our Minister for Justice has demanded a replay.

And now our Taoiseach has demanded a replay, and is to raise it with Nicolas Sarkozy.

They know this will not happen – cannot happen. There are referring mistakes in every game, and to allow a replay here would open a floodgate which would mean no tournament would ever end, ever. The most that could possibly happen, and I would support it, is that Henry be suspended for three games, starting at the World Cup. FIFA could also finally bow to those who see video technology used in sports such as rugby union, rugby league and cricket, all of which are far less financially well-off, and can’t see why the dinosaurs at the top of soccer refuse to allow the same. These steps would show that FIFA’s continual preaching about fair play is not just empty words. To do any more would show a lack of support for a referee who, let’s face it, cannot give a handball that he doesn’t see.

So why have the politicians jumped in? Some sort of attempt at currying favour with the electorate?

I’d rather the Justice Minister found a way of dealing with gangland killings and tiger kidnappings.

I’d rather Brian Cowen challenged the AIB bank which is laughing at his government’s attempt to force change upon their management culture and pay rates.

We were great, we were unlucky, and we lost. The French scored what proved to be a winning goal by cheating, but it was scored with 17 minutes to go, not with the last move of the game. We can’t say that, had it been disallowed, we’d have won, or that we’d have reached penalties, or that we’d have lost.

We should accept that with dignity, taking the higher moral ground, while still secretly suspecting that if the situation were reversed we would be quick to pour scorn on any suggestion of a replay.

All we’re doing now is making eejits of ourselves.

6 thoughts on “But Now Its Getting Embarrassing

  1. tinman18 Post author

    They could, Martin, but probably won’t.

    It did happen before, with Arsenal in an FA Cup match, but it was against Sheffield United from a lower division & I’d say they gambled the favourable publicity against the odds of them losing.

    If it had happened against Man U or Liverpool then they might not have been as generous.

    The problem with a replay is that then puts pressure on the next lot who win thanks to a dodgy decision, and where does it stop.

    The real answer is use the TV cameras that are already there, & if FIFA accepting that was the outcome of all this then we’d nearly feel it was all worth it.

  2. tinman18 Post author

    Welcome, voodoolady, and if you’ve a nervous disposition don’t watch Sky Sports News at the moment, they have the Cowen interview, the Ahern interview, it’s mortifying.

    Though you do get to see the Burnley goalkeeper call Henry a cheat, the only player seemingly willing to do it.

  3. Martin

    I don’t think the FFF offering a replay is putting any pressure on other teams, and if they are, pressure to abide by fair play isn’t exactly a bad thing.

    5 minutes ago on the LeMonde website, after more than 105,000 votes, 87.8% of readers said France didn’t deserve their place.

    If nothing comes of it then fine, but for the sake of the game, a fuss SHOULD be made, so hopefully the next fella to do it will step up to the ref and say no, like Fowler did after winning a pen.

  4. laughykate

    Oh a replay just wouldn’t be cricket.

    (Even though we would have probably sold Stewart Island and given away all our coal if it meant we could have had them after all of the Rugby World Cups recent history has been host to.)


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