Other Lives

The problem with having a secret internet life, with alternative names and activities, is remembering that not everyone knows it.

Recently in our house Tingirl and I were looking through the massive book mountain that has grown in the hall outside my bedroom door for a particular book. One of the books in the pile was Philip Pullman’s book The Tin Princess.

”Look, Honey, that’s you,” I said, and exactly as I said it I thought ”she has no idea she’s called Tingirl.”

She looked at me as if I was an idiot which, in fairness, at that moment I was.

Then last night Tinson1 arrived home from college, and I asked him how was Archery Class. Again, I realised one millisecond too late that it was Bardson1 in my Shakespeare post who is actually learning archery.

I wonder do superheroes have this problem?

”Bruce, did you watch The Apprentice last night?”

”Of course not, Mother, you know I was saving Gotham from Catwoman.”

”What did you say?”

”Er, I said I was waving my bottom at a fat woman.”

”Really, Bruce, it’s time you got a girlfriend.”


4 thoughts on “Other Lives

  1. Mwa

    I have the same problem, but more by proxy. My sister reads my blog but the rest of my real world doesn’t know. She has preemptively apologised to me for letting the secret out in the foreseeable future. I’ve already punched her, then forgiven her. We are nothing if not proactive.

  2. laughykate

    Lots of my family read my blog (must stop swearing for older generation, but realistically:won’t), and when relating stories to friends I often hear, ‘Yes I read about that, ya mental.’

    Which is worse, your nearest and dearest knowing about your blog – or not ?

  3. Kick Out The Jams

    My wife knows about my blog but she reckons that, like everything else I do, I’ll grow out of it.
    Its a bit weird having multiple personalities. I sometimes wake up in the morning wondering who I’m going to be that day. It does give me licence to be quite different from my “normal” self but I find that I now have a seperate compartment in my head for my online and offline personas. I think I might need the number of Tinman’s shrink…


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