I’d Like to Thank the Judges

I’ve only very recently started looking at my blog statistics, mainly because I’ve only very recently found out how to look them up.

Of the 74 views I’ve had so far today, 4 came here after searching for “Ear Trumpet”. That’s understandable, I recall using a picture of an Ear Trumpet in a post about Tinson1 failing the hearing test for joining the FCA.

In second place, 3 people came here after typing in “Dickhead of 2009”.

Since it’s not a phrase I ever remember using, I can only assume that Dickhead of 2009 is an award, and that I’ve won it. (And about time, I hear many of you say).

While it’s not exactly the Nobel Prize for Literature, a win is a win is a win. I am especially gratified at the fact that I seem to have won it with a quarter of the year to go, implying that I so out-dickhead everyone else on the planet that there was no point waiting any longer to see if I could be overtaken by some dark horse.

And it’s not as if I had no opposition. Bankers, politicians, Kayne West, the guy who let the Lockerbie bomber go, Serena Williams, the scientist who broke the Large Hadron Collider, Michael Jackson’s doctor, whoever decided we needed another film based on a Dan Brown novel, all of these made strong cases, yet were swept aside.

I wonder am I allowed enter again next year.

3 thoughts on “I’d Like to Thank the Judges

  1. Mwa

    74 views in a day??? I wonder how that internet-thingy works. I only get about thirty to forty views a day, but I get about ten comments. I DO NOT GET the interweb. But then I don’t think I want people stopping by looking for the dickhead of 2009, so I’m ok. I’ll just stick with the more discerning horse penis lover.


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