Short Stuff (Stop Calling Me That)

Some things that happened this week:

  • An Irish Rail staff member has got on my train each of the last two evenings. His bright orange jacket proclaims him to be part of their “Revenue Protection Unit”. That’s right, he’s a ticket-checker.
  • At my friend’s 50th Birthday Party last weekend I discovered that one of his sons is called “Queue” by his mates, because that’s what you get if you type “Steve” into predictive text. His friend Amy (boy, box, cow) is not a predictive text fan.
  • I’m taking this afternoon off to take part in a sailing race, even though I’m a complete landlubber (i.e., a Chinese man who polishes South African currency). It’s a charity race, where each yacht is crewed by 4 experienced sailors and 3 novices. I did it last year, and it was great fun.
  • Finally… back in 1970 we went on a school tour to Penrith, in the Lake District in England, but I don’t remember it being as much fun as this…..


Er, sorry about that… not only have I this afternoon off, but I’ve taken next week off as well (not that I’m going anywhere or anything), so I think I’m a little giddy.

4 thoughts on “Short Stuff (Stop Calling Me That)

  1. laughykate

    Re: Short Stuff (stop calling me that) – I don’t mind being called Short Stuff so much, but does everyone have to call me fecking Shortly ? ‘I will see you, Shortly.’
    ‘I will be leaving, Shortly.’


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