Back On the Bike

Well, I’m back at work.

My one day off was enough to at least get me back on track. I’m still going to go and see somebody about it, but at least for the moment I have the whole thing under control, even if it’s just fractionally below the surface.

Everyone here in the office thinks I had a stomach bug, apart from GoldenEyes because, well she’s my best friend in here and I wouldn’t lie to her.

So apart from her and Mrs Tin the only people who know what was really up with me are you lot (my kids think I just had a day off). As a result, I’ve discovered another good thing about blogging – you get to say things that you wouldn’t get to say to people that you know in the real world, yet there are still people who, though they’ve never met you personally, care enough about the virtual you to offer support.

Yesterday I got encouragement and good wishes from people in three different countries. It really did help, and meant a lot.

Thanks guys.

3 thoughts on “Back On the Bike

  1. Mwa

    You’re welcome!

    I hope it also means something if I say that it really helps me to know that there are other people out there who are going through similar things.

    Not to say your pain makes me happy. Just less alone. I shall stop digging now.

  2. A Frend

    Hi Tinman,
    I also recognise the feeling of depersonalisation, but have always assumed it was related to depression, not a separate problem.
    Presumably it’s a way of coping with the world when at some level you don’t really want to. Sadly, like many coping mechanisms, after a while it becomes a problem in itself.
    I’ve no solution to offer, just fellow-feeling and my thoughts about my own experience.
    Oh, and a compliment on your sharp, funny and compassionate blog. I got to it from infantasia (Jo is one of my oldest friends) and I love it. Thank you!
    A Frend

  3. Tinman18

    Thanks folks, it does make you feel better when you realise you’re not the only one suffering this things.

    You’re very welcome, A Frend, and you’re right about Jo, she is old, isn’t she?

    God, I’m dead now…


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