A Sort of Homecoming

Guess where I was yesterday….


U2 are back in Dublin, and the show was brilliant, but the main reason for this post is the photograph above. I am immensely proud of it, not just because I haven’t nicked it off Google Images like I usually do.

It’s because I took it with my phone.

As I have often said before, I am not exactly a child of the technological age. It is widely believed that the word “Luddite”, coined back in the 19th Century, means “anyone opposed to technological change”, but the exact meaning at the time was “a word nearly good enough to describe someone who’s crap at everything technical, which will have to do till Tinman comes along next century and really raises (or lowers) the bar of ineptitude, & we can start calling these people tinmen instead”.

I do have a digital camera, given to me by my adoring family last birthday. I asked for it because I thought it would be of use in my blog, but in fact every picture by me that’s ever appeared here has been taken on my phone. My digital camera is about to make it’s debut here, and perhaps you’ll see why:


That’s the only one of the 60 pictures taken on the camera yesterday that was taken by me. Once Mrs Tin saw that, it was taken away from me, and I was left to play with my mobile instead.

And so, when the blimp suddenly appeared behind the giant stage, I took that picture. On the screen of my mobile it looked grey and tiny, and I was astonished when I opened it on my computer this morning.

It’s better than anything Mrs Tin took on my camera. Well, apart from this one:


…or maybe this one…..


…or maybe, well, OK, any of them really.

Still, neither of us got what would have been the best picture of the night. As you can see, the area behind the stage was unoccupied, as Hill 16 at Croke Park has terraces instead of seats. This meant that all signs on the walls of the Hill were visible and at one point, as Bono was on the giant screen, the sign “Toilet” appeared above his head.

Even Bono himself would have laughed.

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