What’s In a Name

I see that in America (where else) Kelly Hildebrandt is to marry Kelly Hildebrandt.

Kelly Katrina Hildebrandt and Kelly Carl Hildebrandt met on Facebook after she decided to look up other people who had the same name as hers.

This story is sweet, though admittedly in a custard-type of way (nice but still slightly barf-making). She won’t have to change her name, need a new passport, or practice a new signature with her forename and his surname (we know you do it, girls). He won’t have to struggle to remember her name in the mornings. There is, however, one drawback that they don’t seem to have considered. In these modern times, when people no longer use Mr, Mrs or Ms, most of the letters that arrive at their house will be addressed simply to “Kelly Hildebrandt”.

They will end up opening each other’s post.

This has its drawbacks should you wish to (a) buy Leonard Cohen tickets as a surprise for her birthday, or (b) collect porn, or (c) get brochures about issuing divorce proceedings (did you notice how their relationship went steadily downhill in the space of just three letters of the alphabet there? Perhaps that says more about me than about them).

They say that they aren’t going to call any of their children “Kelly”. I think this shows a lack of committment to the whole joke.

Even the IBM machine in Catch-22 that promoted Corporal Major to Major after just one week in the army had more of a sense of the absurd.

5 thoughts on “What’s In a Name

  1. tinman18 Post author

    Would be, but the bloke could happily yell out “Kelly, you’re the greatest” knowing he wouldn’t get any hassle over it.

  2. vdog

    Just had to laugh – because I got an email this morning from a person working for our local council (Auckland, NZ) whose name is…. Kelly Hildebrand. Not exactly the same, but close enough to amuse me!

  3. Tinman18

    Yes, HM, but you’ll notice they never use Irish names like McElligott or O’Shaughnessy.

    And vdog (welcome, BTW), get your pal to give them a buzz, you never know, the first wedding might not work out.


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