A Boy at Heart

We grow up, and become more mature. We get ourselves up in the morning, and drag ourselves off to work as hard as we can at jobs that we have found for ourselves. We buy houses, find spouses, have children. These children think that we are the most most mature and sensible people they will ever meet. In short, we become adults.

And yet inside each of us adults there is still a schoolchild, a kid who finds the words “poo” and “bum” funny, and to whom the ultimate in humour is a person falling over.

Yesterday I watched the golf on telly, and ,while it was an amazing and unforgettable day, as 59-year old Tom Watson came so close to winning, what I will remember most was a remark by one of the commentators. Speaking about fellow commentator and former player Ken Brown, Mark James said:

“Well, it can get cold. That’s why Ken Brown used to soak his balls in hot water for an hour before going out.”

(Did you smirk when you read that? See?)

And last night in my local, when the highlights of the Tour de France came on (I don’t know why we put it on every evening, none of us have a clue what’s going on), I found myself thinking “I wonder do cyclists soak their balls in cold water for an hour after coming in” and realised my inner schoolchild is still going strong.

He’ll be around as long as I am.

4 thoughts on “A Boy at Heart

  1. Mwa

    I read your post this morning (I laughed out loud and read it to the husband) and then went out. I thought of it when I was taking rude pictures of a horse. I think my interior little girl is still alive and kicking, too. (If you want to see the picture, I blogged it.)

  2. laughykate

    Heh. Unfortunately my inner schoolchild doesn’t stay on the inside, like it should. It careers around the place like a mental getting me into all sorts of trouble.

    So I, for one, thoroughly encourage your inner nine year old self.

  3. Tinman18

    I’ve seen the horse, Mwa, it’s very, er, impressive.

    LK, you work in your tellyland so your inner child isn’t allowed to stay on the inside.


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