Ping Go the Strings of My Heart

I took yesterday afternoon off to go to St Vincent’s to see my Cardiologist, only to be told that my appointment is the day after tomorrow.

I was quite psyched up for yesterday. I was going to ask why my muscles stay in spasm for so long after my pacemaker does its thrice-daily test-run, why it sometimes actually stings when it starts up, and why this has started a bruise which now stretches down the inside of my left arm almost as far as my elbow. (I read that sentence back a second before I published this, and realised that it said “my muscles stay in spam”. This is a fairly accurate description of my current physical condition).

In other words, I was going to give out. It’s true that familiarity breeds contempt – I used to be just grateful that the pacemaker had cured my blackouts, now I’m starting to get annoyed about why it can’t do it a bit more surreptitiously.

Anyway, it turns out I was there on the wrong day (perhaps all the scans that said there was nothing wrong with my brain weren’t entirely accurate), so my complaints remain thus far unvoiced.

My pacemaker celebrated this by turning itself on at four o’clock this morning and continuing to ping away until I eventually got up at 5.15 in frustration.

The bloody thing is laughing at me.

6 thoughts on “Ping Go the Strings of My Heart

  1. Tinman18

    It IS better if it doesn’t have to turn itself on at all, XBox, but at least it doesn’t do it that often, apart from its daily tests. Last time they took readings from it they said my heart beats on its own 90% of the time.

    And thanks Mwa, I’m psyching myself up again to ask all these questions tomorrow.

    It already IS kind of an alarm clock, LK, in that I always know when it’s five to six in the evening, or five to ten in the morning, so I could ask them to change the tset times to when I actually do have to get up. The only problem is that I then have no way of turning it off.

  2. friendsofbreastfeeding

    oops, sorry, that was from Jo, currently signed in as, well ,you can see what I’m representin’ here.


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