A Brave Man

Last night in the pub, since we couldn’t agree over which sport to watch, the owner said “right”, and put on Questions and Answers. So it’s purely by chance that I saw this guy, Michael O’Brien, talking about the Ryan Commission report into child abuse, and the abuse he himself had suffered:


I’ve never heard such anger expressed so eloquently. He didn’t swear, didn’t make an eejit of himself, didn’t stray off the topic, didn’t lose control. His icy fury far more powerful than any wild rant would have been.

Some of the things he said will stay with me forever.

He is a true hero. And so is his wife.

4 thoughts on “A Brave Man

  1. Xbox4NappyRash

    I watched the rte stream of this this morning, and I was going to repost it, until Ive seen everyone else has.

    He did wonderfully, he kept control under such a strain, when it would have been easier to swear or cry.

    The look on the ministers face said it all.


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